Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sugar Cookie Truffles and more

Here are some ideas for Valentine truffles, they may seem totally unnecessary and even ridiculous. Well, they are AND they taste that way - unnecessarily and ridiculously delicious! Every single combination is as good as the next so mix, match and enjoy!

Sugar Cookie/ Chocolate chip Cookie/Brownie/Rice Krispie treat Truffles

For these, it is really up to you what combination you want to do. For the center you can use sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, brownies and/or rice krispie treats and any combination of the four.

Here are a list of suggestions:

These are chocolate chip cookies wrapped in brownies and dipped in chocolate. I told you it was totally ridiculous! Make a batch of small cookies (I used Betty Crocker cookie pouch to make it easy and they are so delicious) Allow them to cool enough to handle but still warm enough to form in a ball. To make a ball, I just pressed them into a round teaspoon. Freeze cookie balls. When frozen, take a scoop of prepared brownies (again, warm enough to mold, cool enough to handle) Form brownie around cookie dough. Freeze again until firm. Dip in chocolate! This version was my favorite. Or maybe the sugar cookie ones are. Wait, I think it may be the chocolate chip cookie kind, I can't decide.

Here are sugar cookie truffles, which are wonderful. Make a batch of drop sugar cookies (again, I just used a Betty Crocker pouch, so yummy!) When cool enough to handle, form into a ball. Freeze cookie balls then dip in chocolate.

Brownie stuffed rice krispie treat truffles: