Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fresh and Healthy

I know that a lot of my recipes are not the most healthy in town so here is a tasty and healthy one. Today is my anniversary and we are eating out good tonight so I figured we'd have a light and healthy lunch so I don't feel quite as guilty on my big date. I am more likely to eat a big bowl of vegetables than fruit so I really love this one. I am not a big cottage cheese fan. In fact, eating it plain kind of grosses me out. For some odd reason, I can eat a ton of it if it is on a baked potato or with this salad. My husband and my mom loved this also. The kids? They eat the tomatoes and "hadocados" like there is no tomorrow.

I am just lising ingredients and you can add what you like most of and change according to how many people are snacking on it.

Green onion
Grape tomatoes
cottage cheese
Enjoy being healthy today, for tomorrow I shall share some naughty recipes!